Two weeks ago I drove 13 hours, one way, to Rock Hill, South Carolina. So, this past weekend, one would think a trip to Kingston to celebrate my mother’s birthday would be a no bladder break cruise down the 401. Wrong! Between construction sites, without construction workers, rubber neckers who backed up traffic for miles because of a pile up on the other side of the divided highway, and people who think you’re supposed to occupy the inside lane at the posted limit, the drive was painful. I passed one woman coming home last night, who was glued to the inside lane…I passed her on the middle lane of a 3-lane section, and I glance over to see her hands at 10 and 2, holding a book! I was so surprised, I almost dropped my phone. Twice we were in park on the 401 and in both cases, it was because of accidents that had already been cleared off to the side, but people must have wanted pictures of an overturned truck and a guy with a flat tire on a mini van. Really? We’re this easily distracted by the plight of others, yet no one, including me, stopped to help the guy with the flat. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I had to make up the time I lost gawking at the truck.

Twice I was cut off by a trucker, who had to move over to the middle lane NOW….surely I could break for him…. I usually have no issue with truckers trying to maintain speed when their grill suddenly points up hill….but I almost ended up as part of his freight, and while I’m on the subject, whatever happened to the trucks drive 105? I saw little evidence of that. As much as I love spending time with my mother, my next trip down to the Limestone City is to fetch her and bring her back here for Christmas. I’m already planning on self-medicating before the trip. Thank goodness I no longer operate heavy equipment.