We were served a double helping of federal politics last week and now that an interim leader is about to be named for the Liberal party (welcome, Michael Ignatieff) it appears as though we will be served the leftovers this week. As I spent the weekend trying to digest all that had happened last week, I found myself mulling over how this somehow became an issue of separatism or how we, as a nation, kowtow to Quebec. Then again, I suppose we can thank Prime Minister Harper for that as he was the first to describe the coalition as an “unholy alliance” with Canada’s separatist party (the same party he tried to join forces with in 2004, but we’ll conveniently forget that for now as Mr. Harper seems to have conveniently forgotten himself). All the focus on the French reminded me of the Iraq war in 2003, and how upset the United States became with France’s unwillingness to get involved. So upset were the Americans that some Washington cafeterias began selling “Freedom Fries” instead of French Fries. Maybe we should do the same. No more French Fries, just Unity Fries, please. Stephen Harper, this spud’s for you.