We have to get rid of plastic bags. Why can’t we do it a better way? I was loading my San Francisco Vacation pictures today on the Face Book site and I put up a shot of a brown paper bag. The bag is strong and Eco friendly, what else do you want? I loaded a few pounds of stuff into the bag with complete confidence. The handles are amazing and when you double bag one of these things you’re in good shape for the really heavy stuff. I know there’s a negative Eco-impact on the pulp and paper end of things and the energy costs involved in recycling paper is a factor but I hope we can follow California on this. I can’t see how Ontario with people out of work can’t revitalize the forestry industry with a plan to produce brown paper bags to replace the plastic bags. Let’s get the scientists head’s together and make it work. There has to be a more efficient way to produce brown paper. We have a surplus of Electricity right now to power the plants so let’s find a way. I’m talking job creation here. It’s all good the way I see it. Look, In the past we used way too much paper for everything. So now we can use a lot less raw paper to do positive work. Paper is way better than plastic any day isn’t it or am I “cracked”? One thing I have to say though, I’d trust a plastic bag more on a rainy day.