This morning the search goes on for Victoria Stafford. The eight-year-old from Woodstock was last seen on Wednesday afternoon, in the company of a woman. A woman that Tori’s parents don’t know.

I spent the entire Easter weekend running around with our boys, and thinking about her. I  kept checking our 570 News website, and watching for Breaking News alerts on Tori being found, and being found okay. 

So far that hasn’t happened. 

Her photo is on the front page of our website.  It is posted everywhere in Woodstock. Victoria is four-foot-five, she weighs about 62 pounds, and has blue eyes and short blond hair. She was last seen on wearing A black Hannah Montana jacket with a fur-lined hood.

Child Find Ontario says close to 20-thousand children and teens go missing in this province. It says parental abductions are on the rise, happening up to four times a week here in Ontario.

Child Find says over 90% of all children and teenagers reported missing… are found.

Let’s hope Tori is in the majority.