It is appropriate that the 7-billionth human will be born on Halloween. It is a scary future for 7-B, whoever and wherever you are. I don’t believe there is a special prize for you, outside of notoriety and anonymity at the same time. Because we can’t be sure who you are, or where you’re entering this realm, we don’t know if you will have a tough life of poverty in a war zone. The impoverished life of a tribe member in sub-Saharan Africa, or the affluence of an Upper Canada College education. On a day when we will give away more snacks at the door than some villages will receive in rice, I pause to consider. How did we win the lottery? Being born in Canada is akin to winning the lottery. We have the best of almost everything, Others have the least of almost everything. According to the BBC New World Web Site, I am the 2-billionth, 865-thousandth 522nd person on earth to draw breath. Don’t ask me how they know, I just typed in my birthdate. This does mean that since I was born in the late 50′s, almost 6-billion others have joined the hunt for the brass ring. The distribution of the worlds’ wealth is still way out of whack, and always will be. I went to see Rum Diaries on the weekend and one line stuck with me. “We know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.”