On the way home yesterday, I stopped to pick up water. Yes, I have one of those office-type water jug systems in my house. Not the point. The place where I pick up water is in a plaza in Waterloo that is also home to “Service Ontario.” The line up was long and made me think it was Saturday morning. So, I asked a few people “is it always like this?” One guy said “no, sometimes it’s slow.” When I went in for my annual sticker shock much earlier this year, I waited and chatted with other people in line, because that’s what I do. It makes the time go by quicker, and I always meet interesting people. Maybe that’s the point of centralized services. We get to meet other people from the ‘hood that share a zodiac sign. With government trying to contain costs, services are being affected. Next year, I’m doing the on-line thing. I renewed my passport this year, without ever stepping into the passport office and the only thing I have to actually show up for is bloodwork. There are other tests we can mail in and I’m sure they’re working on this one. My point is, it should be easier to obtain needed services from all levels of government, given the technology available. I should be able to vote on line, because I can pay bills on line, print purchased tickets and coupons on line, but no matter how easy it gets and how well trained “We The Sheeple” become, I will still drive to the Aud on a Friday night.