When is one week in the warm climate of the south not enough? The first day you return. My wife and I enjoyed our time in the Carolinas last week. Too much food, too much fun and not enough golf balls. I do have a list of observations about the American South. First of all, the Interstate Highway system works! Did you know that you are supposed to stay in the right hand lanes except to pass? Did you know if everyone does that, you can leave your cruise control on from Erie to Charlotte? This was painfully obvious when we returned to Canada and noticed that the right hand land was basically empty because the tailgaters were in the centre and left hand lanes. Enough about driving. Did you know that people in retail and the service industry were actually pleased to serve you? Did you know that there is a plural possessive of y’all? It’s y’allsesses. As in, is that y’allsesses’? If you’ve never been to the Charlotte area, there is a great game to play while driving. “Okay kids, will we see more churches or gunshops today?” I think it was a tie. My favourite church sign was painful. “Pleasant Cross Baptist Church” should rethink the visual they’re creating. I had a salesman at an outdoor market try and sell me this huge knife. Not that I wanted or needed it, but his point was well taken. He only had one machete left. It may be colder, gas more expensive, retail prices out of whack, but when the Customs agent said “welcome back” I believed her. Great place to visit, but….