The City of Kitchener is getting noticed for it’s downtown makeover, which isn’t finished yet. I work in downtown Kitchener and walk King Street on a regular basis. New light standards, wider sidewalks, funky paving stones, interesting City Hall with it’s fountain focus, but that’s not what I see every day. I see cigarette butts everywhere, and please don’t tell me it’s young adults and vagrants that are the culprit. Go past the Manu life offices and see the army of cube farmers out front tossing butts around. It is absolutely wrong! Cigarettes are the most littered item in the world. You want an attractive downtown core, start fining people who litter!!! Cigarette butts, coffee cups, candy wrappers and chip bags. It’s not difficult to find a trash bin in downtown Kitchener. On a Monday morning they are filled to capacity. They have a stainless steel butt box in front of downtown bars, but none in front of Manulife, where people in business suits should no better. Litter is a blight on our community. It’s one thing to say the city should do a better job, the question is, how can they? If there is a bylaw enforcement officer listening, head down King Street and wait outside the old King Centre and bring a full book of tickets. I know you don’t have a quota to fill, but if you can stem the tide of butts, you should get a bonus.