How do I know that the Battle of Ontario is back?  Well, there are number of reasons.

Maple Leaf players were booed at every opportunity in Ottawa during the All-Star festivities.

Senators fans chanted “overrated” every time Leaf rearguard Dion Phaneuf was introduced at ANY event.

The battle lines were even drawn during the Fantasy Draft when Team Chara not only stayed away from drafting any Vancouver Canucks – but any and all of the Senators whom were available.  Oh, and Team Alfie stayed far away from selecting any Maple Leafs too.

Another tidbit that is burning the collective butts of Leafs fans right now is the fact that the Senators rebuild plan is already WAAY ahead of schedule.  That’s driving Maple Leaf Nation around the bend as they’ve been in rebuild-mode for a few years and still don’t seem to be any closer to making it to the post-season party.

Also, while Sundin, Roberts, Tucker, McCabe, Belfour and Domi are all LOOONG gone, there are at least a few Senators who remember how heated things got a few years ago in the series including Chris Neal, Chris Phillips, Jason Spezza and of course the lead lightning-rod of controversy himself…Daniel Alfredsson.  Or Krusty the Clown.  Or whatever they used to call him.

Which brings me back to the All-Star Weekend and how it will fuel a little more fire in this renewed rivalry.

The All-Star Weekend in Ottawa was not only a Senators love-in, but a love-in for the city of Ottawa, the history of the game and Canadiana as well.  Based on the twitter-verse and some of the media outlets (based in Toronto) Leaf fans can’t even deal with the fact that the city they love to hate put on such a great show.

Some have called it the best All-Star weekend in years.  Heck even the biggest Maple Leaf fan of them all - Don Cherry himself said it was one of the best – on live TV no less!

I’m guessing a few Leaf-logo’d mugs were thrown at a few 50″ screens when that nugget came out of his mouth.

How is that possible?  A city in this country putting on a show that is better than the centre of the hockey universe could?  Not possible they say!  Well…not only is it possible – but it just happened.

Period.  Scoreboard.

Deal with it Leafs Nation – Battle of Ontario 2.0 is here.  On AND off the ice.

Have a day and Go Sens Go! (sorry is that favouritism?)