Use It!

A few weeks ago, we had a story on the 570 Morning News about “workations”.. you know- people not doing vacations but staying on the job this summer. They are staying put behind the desk or taking the work with them, due to fears about the economy. Maybe they should throw on the flip flops.  The boss is.   This week.. a survey of CFO’s is out.. and it finds that even with  the economic downturn, many executives ( more than four in five surveyed -83 per cent) are going ahead with vacation plans July and August.

The survey by Robert Half Management Resources says bosses are going away and it could spell extra duties for those left behind.  But those duties could be a good thing come promotion time. It finds with the boss away, those filling in can use that time for possible taking on the extra responsibility when teams are thin..and showing just what they can do. You know – show up, do your magic  and then show off at review time.

The survey also finds locking up the corner office for a week or two and going fishing,  will encourage us to follow.

See you at the beach.