Forget the high temps over the last week or so,  it’s the other signs that we have just about made it there.

Today is June 1st.

Local city pools and splash parks are open.

The regional watering ban is back in place for another summer.

Let’s play count the convertibles.

The towers of soil arrive around the neighbourhood. Just one street over from us  are two huge mountains that look big piles of rich brownie mix.  You just want to grab handfuls of it.  I’m so resisting the urge to jump in it.

Teachers start sending notes home about the kids being more “distracted” with just weeks to go.

As you heard on the 570 Morning News today… The Backstreet Boys/Men launch their summer tour. 

I start to cringe realizing that in a few (few!) weeks, I will have to put the bathing suit on again.

I go to Dairy Queen,  ( the one where the firefighers always show up to cool off)  and order up the sundae with the hot fudge and caramel.