I have that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach today. It has nothing to do with my dietary needs and everything to do with a plane crash in Russia. The Yaroslavl Lokomotiv of the Kontinental Hockey League was on it’s way to Minsk for the season opener. Sadly, the plane burst into flames and crashed shortly after take off. The team is no more. Former NHLer Brad MacCrimmon was the coach of the team. There are a number of familiar names on the roster. None were spared. With the amount of flying that professional, and some amateur, teams do, it’s amazing we don’t hear more stories like this. It’s a reminder to live the next five minutes, like they’re your last five minutes. I have been on my share of short distance charters on planes older than me and have been, obviously, fortunate. It’s also good for your prayer life. I had my moment two weeks ago, sitting in a van in Goderich, when the F3 tornado whipped through. Somehow, on the drive home later that day, if you wanted to pass me, go ahead. Getting home first no longer mattered. It’s getting home that matters. Our thoughts and prayers are with the KHL family this day as they deal with the unspeakable. The hockey community is a small one. Most in the game will have some connection with one of the Lokomotiv players or staff. Just like most fraternities, when one is hurt, we all bleed a little.