Premier McGuinty okays UFC. Good for him! It’s about time! I remembered today that when the province pooh poohed the idea over the last year they constantly said it wouldn’t be in compliance with a Canadian federal law that says you can’t allow prize fighting or something to that effect. They also said it wasn’t what they thought was important to families in Ontario. I was wondering though, did Parliament have a secret summer sitting to repeal the “you can’t allow prize fighting law”?  The Provincial government didn’t tell me about it. Would I be way off in thinking the law never figured into this at all? Good news for UFC fans!

I tell you all the time that history repeats itself and it did again today! I’m watching the horrible footage of the flooding in Pakistan and they interviewed a survivor. The interpreter said; “the people don’t blame the government for the natural disaster; they blame the government for being too slow to help and how badly they’re handling it when it comes to rescue, food, water, shelter, medical care and more. It occurred to me that those were the same words spoken by the citizens of New Orleans five years ago! Almost the exact same words. History does repeat itself.