Just one more week, we can do this! The Federal vote is seven days away. Expect to hear the Leaders in full rhetoric all week long and expect to hear more from local candidates, as they try to emerge from the soup. If emails this morning are any indications, the locals are following the tact of the Leaders and going negative. While I find that disappointing, I certainly can’t say I’m surprised. Negative campaigns are distasteful, they turn off voters, they are scare mongering and all parties participate. Because they also work. It’s easy to plant the negative seed and let voters go to the polling stations concerned about who’s less likely to screw them over the worst. It’s harder work to tell the electorate the truth and then back it up with action. History tells us, it’s the backing up part that’s hard for us to swallow. Whichever Party Leader gets the keys to the executive bathroom next Monday night has a big job ahead. Here’s hoping they don’t use the privacy of the Pam’s privy to flush away all the promises and hold tight to the negative. We’ll all had enough of that.