I hear all this complaining about the security measures being implemented in Toronto for the G20/G8 Summits and I wonder what they’re complaining about. The people of downtown Toronto will be very inconvenienced for a week or so and they’re naturally upset. I’d like them to know that people who live and work in downtown Kitchener have been experiencing “Summit Style Security” for the last six (6) summers. The streets have fences, you have to walk blocks out of your way to get to where you’re going, there’s constant noise and total chaos for those of us who live and work downtown. Anyone who runs a business in downtown Kitchener should get an award for just staying where they are and surviving the bull-roar. I was thinking this morning that they should have had the Summits here because we’re used to having our lives held up; but then I thought no, our city council would probably find a way to screw that up by making a ridiculous new by-law outlawing Summits between the hours of 9 and 5 so that the construction guys can lean on their shovels.  Sorry, that’s what I see when I come to work and leave work; guys in yellow trucks drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, laughing, joking, eating, and holding their tools behind a high fence.  Now you know one of the reasons why it’s taken six years and we’re no where near done!