We’ve come a long way, baby. Or have we? A new poll by CareerBuilder.ca finds women still drag behind on the pay scale. And it’s not just the paycheque.  Some 19-percent of female workers feel the guy at the next desk has more career advancement opportunities, even though both are equally qualified. Some 41-percent of women think men are more aggressive in their compensation negotiations, and they get the better and higher profile projects. Almost a quarter of women asked think men schmooze more with the boss. It’s not just about that regular golf game with the head honcho.  It can also be about who you know when you’re trying to get in the door. That person can make a big difference in your bank balance. University of Oregon researchers have found that women at work get by – and  even earn more – with a little help from their friends and family.  They also found men don’t enjoy the same boost from their social networks. This is what the study found:  women who found their current job through a parent or sibling earned over $32-thousand dollars on average. Those women who landed a job through a close friend earned  about four thousand dollars less. The paycheque for women with no previous connection to their employer was under $20-thousand dollars. lisa