I’ll preface this post with the reminder — as though you’d need it — that I am not a doctor. Nor am I suggesting you stay away from the annual flu shot. If your preference is to get that annual shot in the arm, more power to you. Please continue as you were. But am I the only one who thinks the H1N1 flu virus (I’m told we’re supposed to start calling it the “swine flu” again) is getting more than its fair share of media attention?

The CBC devoted a full ten minutes at the beginning of its newscast last night to the pending outbreak. I’m all for preparing for the worst while hoping for the best but during the coverage I found my thoughts drifting back to the turn of this century. Y2K, anyone? Much hyped but, in the end, it really fizzled in terms of a story. I just get the sense the same will be said of the swine flu when we look back on it years from now.

Which I suppose, now and in retrospect, will be a good thing.