Our little house has been a work in progress since we moved in over twelve-plus years ago. It is growing again, since the kids keep getting bigger, and the appeal of just one truly operational washroom in a charming, historically-designated cottage-type home loses appeal quickly. Note the use of “charming”. It means small.

Our family now includes two boys, two cats and two dogs. Still the same husband. For some reason, the brothers don’t want to share a room anymore. And a tiny main floor office isn’t really the right spot for a teen to set up long term.

So, we did the “check out other homes around us” thing. Nothing really tugged at the heart or the pocketbook. Some were close, but not close enough, to our tight neighbourhood group, and most potential places involved shifting schools, even hockey leagues.

We are growing where we are. The bank said yes, so did the historical board. And we are still married.

Hint for the historical board presentation: take the cute 8-year-old and his Lego. We were moved up the agenda, and he left the municipal experience smiling with a pop and a city pin. My husband also mentioned to the crowd that adding a walk-in closet to a home that has none would be a real marriage saver. Our plan was approved. Whew!

It’s already been an adventure since we did some work almost eight years ago, starting with a new septic system this summer – with a tank pretty much the size of an olympic swimming pool now buried in the yard. We’ve already uncovered some treasures in the walls, including a vintage Players cigarette pack, tin caps from baking soda, and a lid to shoe polish. No surprise, no insulation.

Next up: learning more about our home’s history as our home moves forward, and it makes me love the place even more.