Is fast becoming Kevin Martin. I’m not the world’s biggest curling fan but have you watched this guy? Calm and cool on the ice, he exudes a quiet leadership and you can tell he has the respect of his teammates. With no disrespect whatever intended to our hockey players, skiers, skaters and every other athlete, I find it impossible to dislike the skip of our Olympic men’s curling team. When he improved to 8-0 in the round robin with a convincing win over the U.S. the other day, the usual postgame handshakes followed. And the TV cameras caught Martin clearly mouthing the words “nice shot” to his opponent at the end. The U.S. skip had made a nice final shot, even though Martin scored two to end the match. Acknowledging the quality of that shot rather than immediately celebrating your own victory is just plain classy. And it’s sportsmanship like that which has made Kevin Martin one of my favourite Canadian Olympians at these Games. Here’s to hoping we can celebrate the sportsmanship of this remarkable Albertan straight to a gold medal.