I have an issue, and I don’t think I’m alone. I spend more than enough time driving around the campuses of both Universities and I must say too many students are lost in thought, or music or texts, or all of the above. This morning I came close to hitting two young ladies who walked in front of my moving car. They were both hidden under umbrellas and both were texting with one hand. The second time it happened, I honked. My bad. At least she though it was. The language that came forth leads me to believe she’s not an English major. Yes, it is my fault you walked onto a road, into traffic without looking, stopping or stopping texting. Clearly, I deserved all that attitude because I did not want to hit you. Next time, I won’t give you a heads up. How do you think that will turn out? I’m going Chevy 1, Rude Jude 0. Look, we all have bad days, but I don’t want another hood ornament. The fact that I scared the bleep out of you by honking, means your music wasn’t quite loud enough. Thankfully you were. I am a big believer in higher education, but unless you remember the basics of street crossing 101, you’ll never be qualified for the diplomatic corps. So shut up, heads up, and for my sake be careful out there.