Anyone who knows me knows that I work actively for the rights of the disabled. My own mother has uses the “blue sticker” because of her knees and my brother lives with MS so he deals with problems every day.  I am very sensitive to the needs of the challenged. Having said this, I believe we need to establish rules and regulations for people who use “Mobility Scooters”.  On Sunday January 27th at 9:00 am I was driving up King St. when I observed a gentleman riding his “Mobility Scooter” on the snow covered road before the sidewalks were plowed. (It was less than 24 hours after the snowfall so the sidewalks didn’t need to be plowed yet by law.) In my opinion this man was using his “Mobility Scooter” inappropriately and illegally on King Street! He had no license to be on a road or highway. He had no lights or flag on his machine, and quite frankly he had no sense. He put himself on the road between cars and a snow bank, I wondered aloud if he was trying to kill himself. What he did and what I see many others do on these “Mobility Scooters” is “pushing it” if you ask me. What if he had hit a bump in the road or banked off a snowbank into my path and I killed him? We need real solid RULES and REGULATIONS for these things before someone gets killed. One thing I know for sure; these things do not belong on the roads period. We need laws for the riders physical safety and for our safety in terms of liability. Too add insult to injury on this true story, I watched the man get off his “Mobility Scooter” outside of  the grocery store, then he walked into the store under his own power and stood on his own two feet for fifteen minutes while he filled out his pro-line picks at the Lottery Stand. Was a trip to the Lottery Stand so important that you’d take your life in your hands buddy? That’s not what I think these tools for mobility were designed for; do you?                                                 Jeff Allan