Okay..I admit it. I pick up, buy, pile up way too many magazines. I tried this morning to find the actual term for this online. Couldn’t quite nail it. It is not hoarding. It’s inspiration. So many ideas. So many great reads.

Vogue this week is out with its mega fall issue. Some 758 hefty pages. About 100 ads in, do you find the true start to the mag.

To make matters worse, thanks to our friendly receptionist, I have the new Ikea catalogue in hand. (Beat that Tara!) Ikea is kicking it up a notch, besides the five million copies hitting homes around the country, the 61st edition can also be found as an iPhone app.

BTW.. there’s a local angle in a recent Canadian House and Home. It features an amazing Cambridge home

More on my own house adventure coming soon. In the last few weeks, I have helped haul up (by hand!) some 21 roof trusses from the ditch. Seems the truck couldn’t quite make it into the driveway.