Since we’re getting what the Regional Council says we’re getting no matter what any of us says at this point you should go to the Region’s website to see what you and I will be paying for. For many of you who believe they’re “just going to rip up King St. again” I sympathize with your sentiments but that’s not what’s happening. King St. will be “worked on” in some areas but you’ll find that the proposed train route runs beside King St. in Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener. If you have to eat it, you might as well see how it’s made first right? I’m trying to put some what of a positive spin on this because it’s coming no matter what we say. I personally believe that the proposed transit plan “can’t hurt, might help”. I also do not agree that this transit plan will get people out of their cars (unless we have a catastrophic event and gas is $30.00 a litre) nor will it curb urban sprawl. It’ll take years for this prediction to be proved correct and I intend to be here on the air to say so when the facts and numbers come true in 2025!  Then again I could be wrong and I’ll admit that I was wrong if I have to when the time comes.