As more of us jump on the Twitter bandwagon.. what we share could come back to bite us.  No surprise there.  Police are reminding those “tweeting” to remember who might be following you for info.

The post about your upcoming trip to the cottage could alert others to an empty house. Your pics on Facebook could also let  a would-be thief know where you are right now, and for how long.

A businessman in Arizona is now re-thinking his posts – turns out he tweeted to some 2000 followers that he was leaving town for a road trip to Kansas City. He came home to find his place cleaned out. He should have mentioned that hungry guard dog left behind.

On another security front, Twitter now says it is going to introduce a verification system in an effort to stop imposters from tweeting under the identities of celebrities, politicans and athletes.

Maybe Ashton’s numbers were overrated.