I live in Kitchener. Thank goodness our road crews are 99% finished on Park St. and Wellington St.  If you live and or work in the core area you know that the closure of these arteries messed up the traffic flow in more ways than one for nearly a year and a half! These were big jobs; there were a lot of smaller jobs as well, hats off to the crews who’ve gotten it done. I’ve noticed something as I’ve driven around lately. I think I’ve found a flaw in the road planner’s designs. The left turn lanes have been moved back 2 or 3 metres from the crosswalk lines at intersections. I know why; it’s because our streets are too narrow and they have to allow space for the left turning Tractor Trailers and other vehicles that are turning into the lane next to you and me. Trouble is, those left turners are cutting it so close they’re almost tearing off the front of our cars and that’s scary; especially when you’re stopped where you’re supposed to be behind the “new” left turn lines. What’s most disturbing is that you can’t see what’s coming from the left or the right because you’re so far back,  so you have to pull forward to see what’s coming which defeats the purpose of moving the left turn white lines back. I’m I seeing things?