Let’s get down to basics on this Khadr case shall we? He is accused of murdering a U.S soldier. The charges my be true or false, but he must face his accusers in court before he ever gets to come back to Canada. Khadr’s supporters have to get this through their thick heads. They can ask the Canadian government all they want to ask the U.S government to send Khadr home but the Americans will not do it until they’ve had Khadr in a court of law. I predicted this and I’m right. Asking the U.S to releases him is a waste of time and I believe the government of Canada knows this.  Think of it this way. If a Canadian kid under 18 went to spring break in Florida, got drunk, then raped and murdered a young woman do you think they’d release him back to Canada before he faced trial? No way! And would you want them to? Say a Canadian NHL hockey player planned to kill his own father (which really happened) and was charged with the crime, do you think they’d release him before his trial? No way! And would you want them to? So why would they release Khadr whom they believe killed one of their soldiers before that soldier’s family and friends can see him before a judge and jury? President Obama knows he can’t release Khadr because it will offend his military personnel, which he can’t afford to do. Chances are the charges against “Little Omar” will be thrown out of court in the U.S anyway and he’ll be back here before too long but that’s beside the point. The legal process must run its course. So forget all the BS about child soldiers, the war on terror, Afghanistan and the works. What’s happening with Khadr would happen to anyone who committed a crime against United States law; whether it is in Afghanistan or on U.S soil. I only hope that all of the bleeding hearts are prepared for his date in court here at home when he’s charged with high treason. Which is the appropriate charge for what we already know he’s done.

                                              Jeff Allan