The Co-CEO’s of Research in Motion were put on the spot by a sweet child yesterday, at  RIM’s annual  general shareholders meeting. The boy wanted to know when they’re going to  come out with a BlackBerry for kids.  He wants his mom to get him one.

I’m all for it.  Another piece of tech equipment.  Something else to add to the Playstation 3,  and the iPod. Something else that my six-year-old and 12-year-old can master, then show me what to really do with my BlackBerry.  Right now, it connects me to the boss, breaking news, and my family.  It’s also a travelling photo album to show off their hockey wins.

At this point it’s just a toy to our youngest-  I hand it over to him while we wait in line, and he starts playing  Brickbreaker.   RIM has done its job with its goal of getting the product out to the so-called soccer moms…

You just  gotta know,  the kids are next.   Was that 12-year-old just a clever set-up yesterday?