I was at the licensing office last week, getting my G license upgraded to a G-M2. When I handed my existing license to the clerk, she asked, “Is this right?” For years, my driver’s license has listed me at a height of 191 cm. Anyone who knows me even a little bit (emphasis on the little) knows this to be a rather extended “stretch” of the truth. But it’s always been fun to have it on my license and deflect all the short jokes with the indisputable proof on my driver’s license that I’m actually 6’3″. Alas, the keen eye of the clerk behind the counter spotted my scam and insisted that the information be corrected. With the tap of a few computer keys, I had been downsized nearly 25 cm to my appropriate height of 168 cm. I have no idea when and how the information got incorrectly entered in the first place, but it was fun while it lasted.