The Christmas season is one thing – but this is a GREAT time of year right now.  Have you noticed?  If you’ve missed it, here’s a recap with some cool links to get excited right along with me!

For hoops fans (including myself) – not only is the NBA lockout over, but – the league is coming back into our living rooms in epic fashion with one craaaazy Christmas present of games.

He waited long enough, but believe you me – it was worth the wait!  Sidney Crosby returned to the NHL and more specifically the Penguins lineup to help his teammates roll over the visiting New York Islanders.  Sid the Kid collected 2 goals and 2 assists in the win…welcome back Sid!

The best show on television - Wipeout! – is back.  It’s an all-new winter edition, but I’ve got my PVR set and ready to go!

It’s the stretch drive of the NFL season and the playoff races are heating up.  Not to mention the fact that yet another team – this year’s edition of the Green Bay Packers – is unbeaten with just 4 games to play.  Will they run the table, and by that I mean – the WHOLE table?  The Patriots losing in the Superbowl means that unbeaten season meant – JACK.  Can the Packers do it – me thinks they can.

There’s a cornucopia of Christmas shows on television almost each and every night and it’s just about time for my annual tradition of sitting down to 97 minutes of comedy gold entitled “National Lampoon’s – Christmas Vacation” which is thee best Christmas movie of all time.  Period.  Accept NO substitutes.  “…we’ll have the hap-hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny…” well – you know the rest.

Tiger Woods finally won a tournament, and not only did he win, but he won “Tiger-style” by nailing birdies on the final 2 holes for a one shot win.  Is he back?  So far, the jury is still out.  But if you’re asking me…I think 2012 could be a VERY big year.

Picked by MANY to finish at or near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings as they continue to re-build, my hometown Ottawa Senators are playing some very good hockey and are currently in the mix for a playoff spot.

Oh and there’s much, much more.  Busy malls, happy shoppers, ski and snowboard season, Venti Eggnog latte’s, the smell of pine from all the natural trees, baseball free-agency rumours and trade talk etc. etc.

Have a day and – just enjoy!