Conestoga College handed out its journalism hardware last night in Kitchener. Our gang here at Rogers Kitchener Radio group was thrilled to be part of the evening. The 2011 gala saluted students in Media and Design. The 570 News radio reporting award went to Samantha Fitzsimmons. Our 570 interns Mike Cottrill,  Lisa Olson, Rosalyn Wheaton.. and Hilary Eastmure were all honoured last night. We’re so proud… and feel so old..!  It’s great to have them around with a fresh take on life, and a great story idea.

The Keynote speaker last night was award-winning photojournalist Louie Palu who has spent a good deal of time in Afghanistan and at Guantanamo.  His images are haunting and breathtaking.  They have to be seen.

And as we kick off the the new words debuting in the Oxford English Dictionary.  OMG is one of the dozens of new entries in book’s latest online update. Other Internet-inspired expressions getting the thumbs up include LOL,  IMHO and BFF.

The dictionary says some of these hip new words are surprisingly old. The first confirmed use of “OMG” was way back in 1917.

Oh ya..“muffin top” also made it in… defined as “a protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers”!

Happy weekend!