In less than one hour, Ben Fanelli will sit down at the Aud and try and wipe the smirk off his face. The 18-year old Kitchener Ranger is back on the ice with his team-mates almost two years after a thundering crunch in the end boards at the Aud almost ended him. That is one visual I will never lose. It is seared into my brain, much the same as it is for the other 6-thousand plus that were in the rink that Devil’s Night. Since his skull fracture and significant concussion Ben Fanelli has never wavered. He has always said he’d be back on the ice. His coaches would only says “we hope so,” his doctors were very cautious but his biggest fan… Dr. Mom…. Would have been the hardest to convince. I’ve met her, and as a parent, I would share her concerns. The other side of the parenting coin, we all want our kids to pursue their dreams with everything they can muster. There’s no guarantee that Ben Fanelli will be the pro prospect he was two years ago, and there’s no guarantee he won’t. Pro scouts will be watching closely. We all will be. The first time Ben gets hit on the ice, 6-thousand pair of lungs will go on hold until he gets up again. And when he does, Ben Fanelli will know for sure, he’s back in the game.