So the Schneiders Plant on Courtland Avenue is closing and is on valuable real estate. So, expect a new development of some sorts on the 25 available acres. And, another visible piece of our history will be gone. Meanwhile, they are going to save the Schneiders sign on the 401 that always reminds me I’ll be home in 25 minutes. I saw a friend of mine perform in Toronto last month and she said that the year she turned 50, her husband left her and her dog died. The audience was clearly more upset that her dog died. I had that same head-shaking moment yesterday when someone said to me in an email, “at least they’re keeping the sign.” The 401 sign will not be a constant reminder of what we’re losing, not how many minutes till I hit the driveway. It used to be a beacon, now it’s a hollow reminder that such a big part of the history of Kitchener will be rebuilt out of stainless steel in a faceless industrial park in Hamilton. If the front office honchos at Maple Leaf want a sign, I’ll be giving them one every time I drive past theirs on the way home.