Earlier this week two concerned citizens of Waterloo completely ignored the professional opinion from  the head of the Ontario Dental Association regarding FLUORIDE in the drinking water.  The two guests on my show meant well;  but to totally disregard the informed and experienced opinion of a man who went through 8 years of formal training and over 30 years of practising Dentistry was ridiculous. I believe the Internet is the cause of this baloney. I would suggest that both of the individuals go to Dental School first then they can attack the professionals who know better than they do; plus they’d have the degree to give them credibility. Today I was struck by a similar situation. 570NEWS has a report today regarding that Baby Kaylee case in Toronto. She suffers from a rare brain disorder called Joubert Syndrome. 99% of the time this is fatal because it stops a child from breathing when they fall asleep. According to the report today, a mother of a Joubert Syndrome child, who’s child is in the 1% that may survive and has lived to nine years, says that the doctors at SICK KIDS HOSPITAL in Toronto don’t know what they’re doing. She says the Doctors at SICK KIDS HOSPITAL used outdated information, data and research in coming to their diagnosis!!!??? I ask; when did she get her Medical degree? The Doctors and staff at SICK KIDS HOSPITAL are world renowned Professionals. They’re the BEST of the BEST in the world according to everyone! Where does she get off criticising them? The only answer I have for the two stories I’ve told you about is TOO much time on the Internet. Read a book or two first; and when you’ve done that, get your degree in Medicine or Dentistry and then I promise I will listen to you with great interest. Until then you’re not in their league and you should shut up before you make  bigger fools of yourselves. Opinions are great, but informed, experienced professional opinions are the best.

                                                    Jeff Allan