What is it about mondays? A Facebook, and real life friend, went on a rant this morning about people complaining all the time on a Monday. He missed the irony, but I felt obliged to underline it and send it back to him. I stopped at Timmys’ this morning for an extra large cup of motivation. One of the two doors was closed because of broken glass and you’d think the sheeple were never going to figure it out. The sun wasn’t up when I left this morning, and it will be down again by the time I get home. We share that reality, yet we are slow to embrace the changing of the season. Sunday was a beautiful fall day….today, not so much. It’s difficult to get going on a dreary day, but as I drove by road crews and masons working in the rain, the heated office called my name. Sometimes life is not fair, get a helmet. Remember, it’s left-right, left-right, and try to not annoy the other marchers.