Just kidding!  We are way past that stage now…and I will admit to using a pretty effective wrestling hold in the past. I can tell you bribery ( which includes a trip to the dollar store) is wonderful incentive for an almost 8 year old boy. It was enough yesterday for him to stand tall and still, and bite his lip and take that shot in the arm.  And we timed it.  It takes exactly three seconds for that needle to plunge in and out.. and that bandage to get slapped on.

No line-ups.. and no sweet talking the receptionist this year.  My doctor’s office was busy as- he had a set  clinic running yesterday afternoon just for the flu shots. It was fast and efficient.  No H1N1 hype this year.

Done.   And I can tell you their little arms were just fine last night.  The Playstation was going full tilt.

Public health flu shot clinics run right into December. Today from 2-8 pm at the Waterloo Region Museum on Huron Road. Tomorrow in Cambridge, at Southwood Secondary.