Two months from right now, the presents will be opened, the kids will be lost in their new treasures, the clean-up or pretty paper will be underway and the turkey will be in the oven. Three months from now, the bills will arrive in the mail. We vowed for years to cutback on Christmas spending and we’re finally living up to our collective word. It helps that the kids are long gone and get more excited about clothing than video games. One of the more fulfilling programs we’ve participated in is the shoebox full of stuff called “Operation Christmas Child.” It’s operated by Samaritans Purse and distributes the shoe boxes in countries where it may be the only gift a child sees until next year. I’m not flogging for this program, I’m just aware of it. There are many local charities that need your help. Not all of them are church-based, but they do a pretty good job of getting to those who fall between the cracks. Don’t spend less than you were planning on this Christmas, maybe spend less on your kids and more on children you will probably never meet.