A year after the earthquake in Haiti conditions are still deplorable. This doesn’t surprise me but it angers me tremendously because history repeats itself all the time in Haiti. I’ve lived over half a century and this island nation has always been trouble. Whether it’s a corrupt President, an ambitious General or a man from the streets; when they came to power they killed their country. Civil war hasn’t helped either and foreign governments have raped Haiti too. Canada, the UN and many other nations have helped Haiti repeatedly over my lifetime. Haiti has never had a chance to take hold of a new life and we’ve let it happen again. I ask this question, why can we, the western world, walk into a country like the former Yugoslavia separate the combatants and then dictate policy as long as we saw fit but we can’t do the same in a tiny little island nation? If the western world is giving all the aid to this fragile nation we should be able to say wait a minute Haiti we dictate policy until this place is stable, then we’ll go home. Haiti shouldn’t be charging import taxes on “aid” for example. Corruption and black market stuff is already flourishing starting right at the docks and airports. What’s next for Haiti, the same old thing? If we don’t take over and fix it I’m afraid so. Right now it looks like we’ve blown it again in Haiti. The key word is “again”.