It’s been announced that the GO TRAINS coming to Kitchener soon will be resting over night between King and Park Streets and that has some residents concerned about the noise of the Engines warming up. Let’s remember that those trains were originally supposed to rest over night in the New Hamburg area where they would have been a mile from homes. Somehow the residents got that idea squashed. Then the Mayor of Stratford said he’d welcome the GO TRAINS in his town because he has unused facilities.  I welcome the Trains here in Kitchener. I also hear the complaints of the residents loud and clearly. Look, as many have said the new diesel engines make little noise, but I’ve got news for you; it’s not the noise that keeps people up, it’s the vibrations which have not been discussed. I’ll tell you why I know this. Years ago I was the DJ at the Copa Club in Toronto. We had an enormous sound system. After a couple of nights we starting getting noise complaints from the neighbours. Eventually it became a major issue in Toronto with the residents and the City coming close to closing us down for noise violations. Because of this I had to use a DB Meter every night to check that the volume of the music did not exceed 94 DB outside of our building. 94 DB is lower than Traffic noise. When I was outside with the meter I could barely hear the music with the metre reading 94 DB, but at the complaining resident’s home I could hear and feel the BASS just like you can hear it from a car with a BOOM BOX at an intersection. Low frequencies travel in Long Waves and a long distance. I guarantee you the residents will be hearing the Vibrations coming from the Train “body” and those Vibes will transfer to the tracks which will be felt and heard. Please don’t say these people are worrying about nothing. I may be wrong on this one, but in my experience history repeats itself. Only time will tell.