We will ditch a pedicure, even a daily chocolate fix to hang onto our lifeline – our tech toys. A Mastercard report finds Canadian women over the age of 18 would also give up coffee to keep their beloved BlackBerry.   Funny…. they didn’t ask about shoes or Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream !!

And as you heard on the 570 Morning News this morning..more and more of us are turning to the web or our smartphones to get The News.  (Thanks for checking this blog out too…) The Project for Excellence in Journalism says the shift to online news is simply about availability,  now that 8 out of 10 people have a cell phone with them at all times.

Hey..we’re tweeting in a big way too. Twitter is now five years old…with a billion Tweets sent per week.  Thank you Charlie Sheen.

Looking for some March Break fun at the desk this week?  Here’s something I found online : take a computer on in Rock-Paper-Scissors!


After some 20 tries,  the computer walked away the big winner…and that was using the novice setting!