You know the party is coming to an end when those who used to believe in you, or live in fear of you, can’t make eye contact anymore. Such is the lot cast on Moammar Gadhafi, Libya’s pain. I watched the National News last night and then flipped over and watched Al Jezeera. The National referred to Gadhafi as “Colonel”, Al Jezeera called him “babbling despot.” Maybe it’s my western mindset, but I would have thought Al Jezeera would have been more discreet, in retrospect, the Middle East appears to have simply “had enough” from stem to stern and Gadhafi duck could be the strawman that breaks the camel’s back. Listening to Gadhafi, babbling despot is the better description. The thing that impresses me about the Middle East Outrage we’re seeing is that it’s a groundswell and not despot-swapping. That’s also my biggest concern. The people are speaking. Who is listening? Do they want help establishing a New Order, or simply left alone? It’s one thing to depose, it’s another to replace and rebuild. We are watching history unfold in the Middle East. If we (the west) get involved, it can help and it can also fuel the despots who already blame outside meddlers for stirring the pot. In reality, if they shared what was in the pot equatibily, it would not have come to a boil.