At some point you have to agree with Roberto Duran and so “no mas.” The official residence of our Prime Minister is in dire need of at least 10-million dollars in renovations, and if my experience with our kitchen is an indicator, assume that’s an opening offer. The Prime Minister is reluctant, and it’s probably not because he enjoys creaky floors, drafty windows and mould. He doesn’t want to be the guy that okays a plan that would make Mike Holmes shudder. Why not turn it into a museum or an historic building and open it to tourists. As for what to do, I’d let the P.M. and his family move in with David Johnston until we hold a national contest, open only to Canadian architects and build a home fit for a world leader. Odds are it would come in under ten million. It could be high tech with a security system that doesn’t involve the Prime Minister’s wife’s ability to toss a soap carving at an intruder. It’s not Sir John A. once sipped Scotch at 24 Sussex. The government bought it in 1951, after evicting the owner. We don’t evict Prime Ministers anymore, we just defeat them once in a while. If we hold a contest, imagine how we could launch the career of the winning designer. It’s either that or get Mike Holmes on speed dial.