I was amused by the “Disruptive Parliamentary Page” who defiantly held up and aimed a sign directly at the camera during the Throne speech by our Governor General last week. I thought “way ta go kid you’ll be able to talk about this all of your life” because at her age (21) her crowd, her friends along with people she doesn’t even know are gonna be buying her beer and fist touching for ever. She pulled off the big one, the ultimate wammy, she did the impossible; she got on national TV and sent her message! I was cheering for her because I cheered on similar individuals in my youth who challenged the establishment in the same way . It was nice to see someone take a risk like that. Having said that, I laughed when I saw her interviewed last week and again this past weekend. She stated that only one out of three or four people voted for Mr. Harper so we need to do whatever we have to do to stop him. “Stop Harper”

This is where I lose it!  This young lady and many of you don’t get it. Here’s how it works in Canada. We have Win Place and Show, First Second and Third plus Gold Silver and Bronze.  In the last election (race) the Conservative Party of Canada got the WIN, they were FIRST, they were awarded the GOLD because they had the most seats out of all the parties in the Race. The NDP PLACED, they got SECOND, they were awarded the SILVER because they had the second most seats. The Liberals SHOWED, they were THIRD, they were awarded the BRONZE because they had the third most seats. Okay that’s the First Past the Post System, the same one that has worked for hundreds of years! The Harper government won the Election according to the same rules everyone plays by so you’re coming across like a sore loser young lady. If you want Proportional Representation move to another country. that’s not the way we do it here.

By the way, the “flawed voting system” that gave Prime Minister Harper a majority government is the exact same system that gave the NDP Party more than 100 Hundred seats in the House of Commons! I will bet you that the NDP Party who supported the idea of Proportional Representation has a different view now. It’s probably a long way down on their list of priorities. The point is, the First Past the Post System does work for all Parties and individuals. Let’s not forget Elizabeth May of the Green Party, a few Bloc members and a couple of independents were  WINNERS with the First Past the Post System as well. The Election is over so if you agree with the young page who made her mark on the national stage please just let it go, I have described the rules of the game, the match is over, you lost.