Some people from an unknown organization left me voice-mails this week to express their anger over the fact that I don’t believe the Green Party leader should be included in the debates next week. Some suggested that I’m a woman hater and I take great offence to that.  I work with woman  everyday; you ask them how I treat them, then come back and tell me I hate women. As I said on-air, I don’t care if it’s John Doe or Jane Doe running the Green Party, if the Greens get a seat in the debate so should the other registered political parties in Canada. The problem with that is there wouldn’t be enough room at the table. Remember the TV Debate is not an Elections Canada event. The TV people can choose who they want for their show and they have. To say I’m a woman hater is a low-blow and untrue just ask the many women’s groups who’ve been defended by me on my program and you’ll eat your words. I’m not usually defensive about the criticism I receive but on this one I say “screw you it’s not true”.