Another multi-million-dollar cry baby athlete gets his way.

The “Superman” vs. “Stan the Man” saga is finally over in Mickeyland, and yet in many ways it is just beginning for the Orlando Magic as a franchise.

Hulking centre Dwight Howard finally got his way over the weekend when the Magic decided to fire Head Coach Stan Van Gundy instead of telling Howard to suck it up, shut his pie-hole and play basketball.

Instead of acting like a spoiled child (some of which is not entirely his fault), he’s been doing the worst possible thing.  He’s been holding the franchise ransom and toying with the emotions of the loyal fans who pay damn good money to see him play – which allows the Magic to pay his ridiculous salary.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of Dwight Howard – “the basketball player.”

He’s a hell of a ball player, a defensive force, and a guy who would make EVERY team in the NBA instantly better.  BUT, having said that…he’s clearly been getting (and taking) some very bad advice from someone.

First he wants out.  He wants to be dealt to a championship-calibre team.  Then he doesn’t.  He wants to stay in Orlando and build upon what he has started.  Then he’s not sure.  He says he’s going to sign the papers that allow him to opt out of his current deal at the end of this year and become a free-agent.  Then he doesn’t.

On trade deadline day, Howard finally agrees NOT to opt out of his contract for next season, but it doesn’t end there.

Now the battle goes to the media when Van Gundy tells reporters that Howard is trying to get him fired behind his back.  Howard denies it while Van Gundy sticks to his guns.  Oh yeah, and now – Van Gundy gets canned and President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith is close behind meaning Howard gets his way and all is well in the Magic Kingdom.  Or is it.

Quite frankly it’s not – and here’s why.

Howard now says he STILL wants to be traded!  Can you believe that?!?  He gets the Head Coach AND General Manager fired and he still wants out.

The Head Coach he got fired had four consecutive 50-wins seasons with the Magic.  All tolled he compiled 259 wins against only 135 losses the team’s bench boss.  With a regular season winning percentage of .657 – he’s number one on Orlando’s all-time list.

Those are pretty decent credentials and he will have an NBA job next season (if he wants one). 
However, herein lies the problem for Baby-Howie.  As much as he would like to leave Orlando as soon as possible – he has given up control of that fate thanks to his decision at the deadline NOT to sign his early termination option.  Now, the only way he can go ANYWHERE is if the team decides to move him.  If they don’t get the right deal (and the price will be very high) they have no reason to trade him before next year’s deadline.

Two people are out of a job – but he still wants to go to the Lakers, the Clippers or Nets.  Go figure.  By the way, the heavy betting seems to be headed towards the Nets to help kick-start the team’s move to Brooklyn.

Wherever he lands – he will no doubt wind up whining and crying about something.

Million-dollar babies my friends…million-dollar “cry” babies.

Have a day and enjoy the battle between good and evil.