A famous, albeit tongue in cheek, comment from former/present Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher. When it comes to the NHL draft and it’s reliability may I present Alexandre Daigle on one hand and David Clarkson on the other. Daigle had a storied junior career, was the top pick by Ottawa and a bust on the ice. Clarkson was draft eligible for three years and still nobody took notice. New Jersey offered a free agent contract after his final year of junior with Kitchener. Not only has David parlayed that into NHL-money and the lifestyle that comes with it, he’s on his way to the All Star Game this weekend. He won’t be playing in the main event, but will pariticpate in the “Young Stars” three-on-three shinny game instead. One of the best parts of this story is how he hasn’t changed. He still says “thanks” when you interview him, just like he did in junior. Well grounded, and a role model worthy of the title.