The question we have to ask is this…. “If We Build It, Will They Use It?” I don’t think a pedestrian fly-over at a round-about in front of school would be money well spent. There is a permanent fly-over in front of U.W., and in 25 years of driving past it, I’ve seen one person up there and he was carrying a map. Everybody else waits for an opening between cars and makes a mad dash to the institute of higher learning. Years ago, a stop light was placed in front of Eastwood on Weber Street. To this day, and I am on that road daily, when the light changes, it’s mad dash time, and if you dare honk your horn or come close to one of the students, get ready for the death glare and some mouthed obscenities. When I was in school, I was invincible, just like most of you were. What makes us think increased traffic is going to keep students in line? It is more important to text while walking, blast your ear buds to the point where you can’t hear car horns or squealing tires and continue on at your leisurely pace with the bravado of a super hero who cannot be hurt by mere automobiles. I don’t want any students harmed, I don’t want any motorists pushing the limits, just to see the kids jump. Round-abouts are designed to slow everyone, trucks, bikes and pedestrians. But just because you want a fly-over in front of your school, doesn’t mean your classmates will ever use it.