Any one of the above words is a perfect description of what happened on Trade Deadline Day 2012 in the National Hockey League.

No big names, no huge blockbusters and not a single deal that would make even the hardest of hardcore puckheads get remotely excited.

So what WAS there?  Well, depth moves, body for body deals and contract and pick exchanges were basically all that took place.  The Vancouver Canucks and Nashville Predators were probably the biggest “winners” and I use that term very loosely, but the biggest losers were WE the fans.  We’re the ones that get caught up in the hype of something that just isn’t there and hasn’t been there for many years now.

We long for the days of the big-name-big-contract-soon-to-become-a-free-agent deals where one team mortgages their near future for a shot at the promised land.

Part of the problem too is that we always want to see a blockbuster of a deal. 

Failing that we want to be able to say (around the water cooler) that we “…knew that when that deal went down, it meant (insert team name here) would win the Cup.”  There have been a few of those deals over the years and PuckDaddy from Yahoo! Sports took a look at 7 of them here.

Those days are done, and they won’t be back anytime soon.

However; what was lost in the shuffle of 134 hours of coverage across every possible media platform possible was one undeniable fact.

We Canadians can talk about hockey ALL DAY LONG even when there is NOTHING going on!

That my friends is pretty impressive.

Have a day and get some sleep.