The 2nd annual Day of Caring.. was just that.. a great day to get out and do something to make our region a better place. And hang out with a few horses. The day was sponsored by the United Way of KW and Area, and yesterday also launched this fall’s workplace campaign. This year’s chair James Chmiel wants to to knock it out of the park- the goal? Six million! This is the year that we can do it. (Amazing turnout at the noon lunch downtown..thumbs up to the BIA, Shriners and Manulife!)

Our radio group spent a few hours yesterday morning at Pride Stables in Kitchener. It’s home to the Central Ontario Development Riding Program. Volunteers make this place hum, and make a lot of kids and their parents smile year round. It provides therapeutic horseback riding not just to kids with special needs, but adults too. (Clients could be in a wheelchair, or have CP, or autism…) This is the biggest program of its kind in Canada, and its located in the Deer Ridge/Pioneer Tower end of Kitchener.

We were there scrubbing down the stalls, and the group from Deloitte will follow us with paint brushes in hand. Here’s what we learned yesterday: 26 beautiful horses make up this program, over 300 riders use the program annually, over 200 volunteers make the difference, and the program really needs 25 volunteers right now!

CODRP gets support from our local United Way, and generous sponsors right here in the community. Tara and I have already signed up to help with a weekday session. We were that moved and that inspired, and left with big smiles.

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