CANADIAN WORDS AND TERMS: In honor of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Associated Press put together a glossary of some Canadian words and terms:

  • Loonie – A one-dollar coin that has the image on one side of a diving bird known as the Common Loon.
  • Toonie — A two-dollar coin named as a play on Loonie for its double-dollar denomination, even though the image on its side is that of a polar bear.
  • Double-Double — A coffee with two creams and two sugars. Add one of each and it’s a “triple-triple.”
  • Chesterfield – Generic term for a couch
  • Timmies — Slang name for Tim Hortons, a popular Canadian coffee and doughnut chain.
  • Timbits – Doughnut holes from Tim Hortons
  • Two-Four or Twofer — A case of beer with 24 bottles.
  • Toque (pronounced Took) — Canadian word for a ski cap
  • Hydro – A generic term in some areas for electrical power and power bills.

Meanwhile, A German newspaper says Vancouver 2010 rates with Hitlers’ 1936 games because of the “Own the Podium” campaign.  A British newspaper says there are so many gaffes, theses Games may be the worst ever.   Weather continues to be the big story, from too much rain, to too much snow.   Can we please just sit back,  pull down the toques,  grab some timbits and a double double (decaf) and appreciate the events?