Because I had let my drivers license lapse I had to re-do it back in 1989. I recall being shocked while standing at the Ontario Ministry Kiosk when I observed an old woman who obviously didn’t speak English or French do the “written test” on the computer to get her learners permit. I couldn’t believe that she had a young man interpreting for her! I believe it was a family member. I thought to myself; how does anyone know whether or not he’s just giving her the answers? Just recently while we talked about the Drivers Examination strike a caller told me that he saw the exact same thing happen a week ago and four e-mailers said the same thing. That’s wrong. It’s a ridiculous flaw in the system that needs to be changed.

On Friday one of my co-workers said he just completed his Canadian boating license test. I assumed he had to go out on his boat with an examiner. I was wrong; the test is done on the Internet. You can just open the book and fill-in the answers! Who can’t pass an open book test like that?  What’s wrong with this picture besides the fact that you can cheat?

And finally, back in May I knew I was going away fishing so I went to buy a fishing license at the Ontario Ministry Kiosk at our City Hall. I was told a card would come in the mail soon. Soon? I received the card in the mail on Friday, almost four months (120days) after I paid for it. That’s not SOON in the world I live in. This is just another thing that need to be changed.

                                              Jeff Allan